What does the future hold?

After deciding to leave practice and start out on my own I have grown so much both in knowledge and confidence.

I must admit it was like stepping on a rollercoaster, not knowing where I was heading, what was going to happen or how I was going to manage with the ups and downs of starting my own business.

It is through the support of my family and friends to “keep going” when I started to tremble that has brought me and Clarity to the point we are at now.  It is also the support of finding an amazing local Chartered Accountant who has become my Mentor.  I have learnt so very much from him and having someone on the end of the phone to talk things through with has been invaluable.  I am not an expert, I do not know everything and I do not want to be one of those people who try and muddle through.  16 years as an aircraft engineer has taught me that nothing less than perfect will do, don’t guess – ask – check and only sign it off when you are confident its right.  It is nice sometimes to be able to discuss options, queries and problems with someone who does know more after all how else do we learn.

The Clarity family has grown and is now a healthy busy practice – yes I have my own practice and I am immensely proud of my achievements through these last months.  My client base has built up over the last few months from email enquiries from my website and facebook pages and previous clients from practice who have searched me out, what a lovely confidence boost they were.  Now after 9 months in business I am getting personal recommendations each one gives me a beaming smile because it shows I am doing an excellent job for my clients and they are recommending me.

So as 2015 has started what does it have in store for Clarity?

Study is the answer!  I have my ATT Tax exams looming in May and November – I must have been mad! But I recognise that holding an qualification specific to Tax is not only a good thing for the business but also for my clients.  I have various additions to the website planned like small spreadsheets for working out expenses etc, helpful guides and Tax information.

Clarity has a future so come on 2015 bring it on!