Not just here to do it all for you!

I had a lovely e-mail last night from a lady I met yesterday.  She is in her first year of business and was completing her very first Self-Assessment online, all she wanted from me was a little guidance and reassurance that she was doing her books correctly and had assistance to navigate HMRC online filing for her Self Assessment.

I spent some time with her running through all the things she can claim, talking about the future for the business, reassuring her that she is doing a great job with her accounts (no plastic bags of mixed receipts in sight) and helping her find the confidence to do her Self-Assessment herself.

I just wanted to share this because I’m not here to just do it all for you and cost you money!

I recognise that when a new business starts, keeping costs down until you are established or reach a point when you need more assistance is important.  I really don’t mind helping you set out on the correct path, after all with any luck you will remember me when your business has grown and you find it hard to get the time to do it yourself.  That’s when you will need me more and my friendly face will be ready to help again.


Hi Liz

It was lovely to meet you too!

Thank you so much for today! Its made things much clearer 🙂 .

When i am close to submitting i will most likely arrange to meet again and have a second eye on what i’v done just to make sure iv done the extra bits correctly.

Thank you again for all your help